Hello, New Twitter! Goodbye, Background Image…


Timing is everything.

Right on the heels of my last post about the importance of maintaining digital consistency between Twitter, Facebook and your team website; then along comes the news that the upgraded Twitter platform or #newtwitter will pretty much wipe out any customized background image in place.

A good article on it here.

There is little doubt that the upgrade will be bringing with it a slew of very useful features (analytics, multi-media, redesigned interface…) but it looks as though one thing that will be lost is the ability to upload a customized background. Many, many marketers have leveraged this opportunity in the past and I have frequently driven home the message myself that teams need to use this space to extend their marketing reach here…

So – you are going to lose your custom background sometime soon. It’s a rolling/random upgrade so you never know when exactly, but it will be sometime between tomorrow and the next few weeks. Better get prepared…

  • Do nothing… wait and see what it looks like
  • Some background will remain, but not very much
  • Prepare an interim background
    • Use at least team colors
    • Try some designs that utilize the border

This is going to happen soon – so don’t get caught off guard. This is a constantly changing space… it is important to quickly seize opportunities but also, perhaps even more importantly, to react swiftly and respond to changes.

If you have some new solutions in place – please let me know!

UPDATE (September 24, 2010):

I was just upgraded to the new Twitter. Here’s a screen shot. The black background is the space you will have to work with…

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